SECURITY DOGS Caucasian Shepherd Dogs and Central Asia Shepherd Dogs
The Ukrainian portal devoted to the Caucasian Shepsherd Dogs (CSD) and Central Asia Shepsherd Dogs (CASD)

Extracts from "The Caucasian and Central Asia Shepherd Dogs and other wolfdogs" by V.Vysotsky

Let's start our talk before you buy a puppy. Too many dogs-owners to be make their decision of choosing a puppy on the spur of the moment while such extremely important thing like deciding on a human companion for 10 or 15 years should be taken more seriously. First of all, you should answer honestly the following questions.

Are you really ready to all those problems that a puppy will inevitably bring onto your life (scratched furniture and foot wear, its droppings and "puddles" during a young period, a pet walking it the rain and coming back dirty, problems with a holiday, dog food and training expenses, medical care, etc)? Are you ready to work hard both physically and intellectually? Will all your family be glad to have a puppy at home? Are you sure that you will cope with a strong independent dog?

Providing you have at least one negative answer to the questions above don't hurry to buy a sheepdog's puppy. It's worth consulting an expert but in any case you should bear in mind that the Caucasian Shepherd Dog and its "brother" Central Asia Shepherd Dog are very specific dogs. Their difference from other dogs is based on the fact that they are not a product of human activity.

First of all, you should take into account that the dogs are differentiated by their specific characters. There are fight dogs, which are quite indifferent to strangers. There are guardian dogs, which are very alert and sometimes even hostile to strangers.

Unfortunately, there are dogs (usually they are the product of a human activity) that can't confront neither dogs, nor people. Of course, it doesn't mean that a fight dog can't guard people's housing or a guard dog can't fight. But it's worth taking into account the dog's orientation. So, to make the right choice you should consult an expert.